What If Obama Wins


While this might seem silly to half the population, to the other half this seems like a very useful promotional tool for their cause. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with Mitt Romney.

↓ Transcript
TITLE: What if Obama wins?

TITLE: Minorities will run rampant.
RICK: There's no where for me to sit...and I'm a white male!

TITLE: Businesses will be under attack.
SEAL: This is Seal Team 6 and we're here for your CEO!

TITLE: Death panels will rule.
REAPER: Your baby coughed, so we're gonna have to put it down.

TITLE: Christianity will be outlawed.
CZAR: Remove all the crosses, including that lowercase t in Walmart!

TITLE: Women will be emboldened by birth control and abortions to have rampant sex.
RICK, JIMMY, BILLY, TREY: Wait, what's wrong with that?


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