What If Romney Wins


If you’re looking for some partisan mocking of Obama, or more accurately his critics, look to yesterday’s strip. We hope everyone gets out and votes today…assuming you’re a legal voter. So that means pretty much most of our readership will not be voting considering it consists of readers from Vietnam and 12-year-olds.

↓ Transcript
TITLE: What if Romney wins?

TITLE: Women will be hunted in the streets.
SENTINEL: Come get your trans-vaginal probe screening!

TITLE: All education will be privatized.
AMANDA: My book is asking me to pay for downloadable content!

TITLE: We will plunge back into random wars.
REDNECK: Is this a Canadian nickel? It's an invasion, boys.

TITLE: The Mexican border will be militarized.

TITLE: Christianity will be the official religion.
RICK, JIMMY, BILLY, TREY: What, you mean we won't be able to avoid Christmas imagery everywhere we go anymore?


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