What’s With the Pooch


Do this joke a year ago and it has to include a Michael Vick reference.  Thankfully, only this post now suffers from discussing him.  Rick is at heart a very kind and generous person.  It usually gets him into trouble, or the things he’s trying to help out.  In the past that has been Megan and his frat brothers, but perhaps a new dog will focus his energy?

Note that Trey is not at all concerned with the implications of sending a dog to work in a factory.  Only why it has alcohol and perhaps why he doesn’t.

↓ Transcript
TREY: What's with the pooch?
RICK: Check it, Trey! He totally followed me to class this morning.

TREY: Okay, but what's with the lunch pail in his mouth?
RICK: I told him if he wants an education he's gonna work to pay for it!

TREY: So, what's with the bottle of whiskey in the pail?
RICK: Times are lean down at the plant.


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