Who Can See Drive


If you’re unaware, a woman really is suing the distributors of Drive because she thought it looked like another Fast and Furious type film. It’s not. While I might have some qualms with Drive, make no mistake about what kind of film it is. It’s an art house film with very light trappings of a car chase film.

Still, who sues because they don’t like a movie?

↓ Transcript
EMPLOYEE: I have your movie I.Q. test results back, and you scored well enough to see everything currently showing except for "Drive", starring Ryan Gosling.
HOBO: Why not?

EMPLOYEE: Unfortunately, we're currently being sued by one customer who saw it thinking it was another "Fast and Furious" sequel. You're neither smart nor dumb enough to see it.
HOBO: Then who can see it?

RICK: As long as there are cars in it, I'm happy. I hope it's like Cars 2!
MITTENS: I enjoy it for its existential characterization and elegant style.


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