Why Low Grades Happen


One of the first lessons any teacher learns is that they’re always biased.  This is actually true.  Teachers are biased, just like anyone else.  However, students take it one step further into assuming the teacher is always biased against them personally.  This is far, far less true.  Still, everyone has had that teacher they assumed personally hated them, so it makes for a good joke.

By the way, that teacher did hate you.  They told me so.

↓ Transcript
STUDENT: Professor, I was wondering why I made such a low grade on this paper?

HOBO: Let's see, you had a multitude of spelling and grammatical errors. You completely lack a thesis statement. Your argument is weak and unsupported. And I'm fairly sure the entire third page was copied straight from the Norton Anthology.

STUDENT: So, basically you just don't like me?


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