Why Printers Crave Ink


Purchasing a new printer is one of the most defeating feelings in the world. You know no matter how much you spend and whatever gee whiz features it has, the thing will still make you its slave to ink refills. People try to cheat this destiny by refilling their own ink, but you’re still spending way more time on the printer than you want.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: Out of ink, again?
PRINTER: Come on man, I just need my ink fix.

HOBO: I just spent $60 on ink last week! How are you out?
PRINTER: It's so cold I get the shakes at night, man. I just need something to get me through another day.

HOBO: No more ink. I'll go to work and print.
PRINTER: Don't mess with me, man! I'll cut you!


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