Women Versus Nude News


There’s always something funny to me when people completely miss the point of a complaint. I think most of the time them “missing” the complaint is simply a cover story, but regardless, I find humor in the situation. No, we’re not saying that the concerns of women should be mocked. Wee’re making fun of Mr. Mittens and those not quite hearing the real complaint. These types of strips always manage to get us in trouble with someone.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: Ladies, what seems to be the problem?
MEGAN: Nude news is degrading to women. You're turning the proud tradition of Katie Couric and Connie Chung into a sideshow!

MITTENS: I see. So, you wamt more serious stories dealing with issues important to women?
VICTORIA: Yes! Enough with nude women behind a desk talking about video games!

ANCHOR: Next, we go live to two women on a trampoline debating thongs versus g-strings.


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