Won’t Do You Much Good


There’s nothing quite like a grammar joke.  They bore the dedicated fans, while keeping away any potential new ones!  More to the point, however, they allow us to applaud our intellectual-lite way of rendering jokes.  Go us.

Anyone who has ever taught has had this kid.  Explaining the situation to them is hopeless.  So just look at them and smile, and know that they desperately don’t get it.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: So, why do you want to come to school at MSU?
STUDENT: All kinds of reasons!

STUDENT: I've seen your English program is nationally ranked and compared it to similar schools based on price, faculty with terminal degrees,a nd class size. MSU came out on top and I think I'll excel here!
HOBO: You'll still be getting an English degree. It won't do you much good.

STUDENT: Well. Won't do me much well.
HOBO: Welcome aboard.


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