Wrong Class


It’s not uncommon to have wayward students wander into your class. The worst example was I onetime I had a student sit through thirty minutes of a speech class before standing up and announcing to everyone she was supposed to be in calculus, instead. I really should stop doing differential equations to begin the semester.

↓ Transcript
STUDENT: Excuse me Professor, but I think I'm in the wrong class.
BEARD: If you're looking for a logic class, then you shouldn't need my help.

BEARD: If you're seeking a philosophy class, you should know that it doesn't matter where you are. If you're supposed to be in theater, then perhaps your entire act is a ruse. If you're missing biology, you should simply chalk this up the frailty of the human brain and its habit to transpose room numbers.

STUDENT: I'm suppose to be in engineering.
BEARD: Well, this is a fine mess you've made!


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