Zack and Harley


One of the things that happens after doing a strip long enough is that you find yourself backing into ideas. You start out at point A, and you end up at point B with no recollection of how you got there. The previous strip sets up this one, but I had little idea at the time of writing it that it would lead to a Lost joke.

So there you go, we’re less smart than one might assume.

↓ Transcript
ZACK: I don't think anyone is coming to get us. If we want to find our way home, we'll have to band together. Harley, can you get the bus door open?

HARLEY: Sorry, no can do Zack. What about that hatch in the top?
ZACK: Agh! It won't open!

FINN: I didn't want to go college anyway. Bunch of hipsters spouting nonsense about Rousseau and Locke that never adds up to anything.


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