Chick-fil-A Versus Pander Bear
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Chick-fil-A Versus Pander Bear

We don’t really have too much of a stake in the whole Chick-fil-A battle. People can certainly choose to eat somewhere or not for whatever reasons they want. But come on, it’s a little silly to feel smug over which fast food place you eat at. This is like people feeling smug for shopping at Target over Walmart.

↓ Transcript
MANAGER: That other chicken restaurant got itself in trouble for discrimination. We're going the opposite route.

MANAGER: Say hello to our new mascot, Pander Bear.

PANDER BEAR: Choosing to eat one faceless corporation's force-fed chicken plucked in a factory by illegal underpaid workers over another's makes you a better person!
BILLY: He's right, I do feel more smug.

  • danielsevelt

    Your comic illustrates you either don’t know what the flap is really about. People avoid eating there for rational reasons and aren’t smug at all for it; the company funds anti-gay hate groups with sales revenue from it’s customers. Meaning, when you give them sales, you’re funding those groups and many many people have decided not to help Chic-fil-a fund those groups. The issue is more complex then the CEO and owners of the franchise having anti-gay views and in fact, Chic-fil-a restaurants themselves have not been accused of discriminating against anyone in connection to the CEO views and some have released statements that their doors are open to everyone.

    Same thing goes for shopping at Target vs. Walmart, it’s not called smug, it’s called,’voting with your wallet.’

  • Justin, I think this is awesome. I think a lot of the same people screaming ‘boycott Chick-fil-A’ are probably tweeting about it from their iPhones manufactured in China where ‘private’ industry still funds the Chinese government. A government, btw, which still regards same-sex unions as illegal, has NO anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBT from hatred, and even censors homosexual relationships out of television.
    It’s easy to be selective about ‘voting with your wallet’ when it’s not a product that everyone’s dying to have. But if people really worried that much about what groups and movements the money they pump into the economy ends up supporting, then homesteading would be the new ‘in.’

  • kudzuisedible

    Justin, you are far closer to the truth here than are your clueless critics. “Voting with your wallet” is a meaningless but attractive-sounding refuge for smug busybodies that simply have too little to do. Evidence of the vacuous smugness required of any airhead participant in boycott/buycott behavior is obvious in the correspondent whine, “If you knew what I knew, you’d do as I do.” The real problem here is the number of things such people “know” that just aren’t true (hat tip to Will Rogers). And there really was no rational reason either to buy or not to buy Chick Fil A based on so-called “homosexual marriage” or on opposition to that idea expressed by certain Christian ministries. The entire LGBT issues lobby is an exercise in futility, kabuki done by mimes in absurdist style for the actual benefit of exactly nobody.