Education as a Video Game
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Education as a Video Game

As a teacher, I love when it when I hear learning should be more like a video game. Not to say that I haven’t ever learned from a video game (I learned a great deal about world deities from the Final Fantasy series), but simply making learning “interactive” doesn’t seem to add much to the experience. Clickers do nothing that raising a hand can’t do.

Still, the free moving 3D cameras of many games are quite valuable when teaching shot composition in a video class. This is especially true since you’re unlikely to have 30 cameras to have them actually work with. So, do video games belong in education? Probably about as much as TV does, which is to say sparingly.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: I.T. installed this clicker system into my classroom. It lets students interact with my lectures.

HOBO: They said it would make learning more like a video game, and students would be more engaged.

HOBO: So the girls planted crops in my PowerPoint, and the boys have been "fragging" my desktop icons.
BEARD: Game over man, game over.

  • erinmc.

    I had a professor who used the clicker as a way of taking attendance. We got bonus points for actually attending class. This of course did not work, because if you knew you weren’t going to make it, you give your clicker to one of your friends.