Existential Elevator Company
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Existential Elevator Company

Job interviews do reveal the meaning of life, I think. They are so grueling and soul-crushing that you start to question the meaning of it all. Do you even want a job? There’s something poetic in it all.

↓ Transcript
BOSS: So tell me Billy, why do you want to internship with us at the Existential Elevator Co.?
BILLY: I want to be a mover and shaker in the business world.

BOSS: Ha, well you know our motto, right? People move, but our elevators are silently still.
BILLY: I know it now, and how!

BOSS: You listed here dread, alienation, and boredom here under skills on your resume. Any others?
BILLY: Why, will this exclude me from yet another job? Meh.

  • Lee

    What is an existential elivator anyway?
    A device to move an oblect on the z axis andd nothing else?