Helicopter Parents
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Helicopter Parents

Helicopter parents are a real threat. More and more I hear stories of parents calling college professors with concern about their kids. I don’t know that this ever happened when I was in school. I would have been mortified if my parents had called.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Professor, I'm really concerned about my grade.
HOBO: What is that?

JIMMY: That's just my mom. She's a helicopter parent hovering over every detail of my life.
MOM: No way my son deserves just a B+!

MOM: Acckk!
JIMMY: Sometimes she hits something fowl.

  • Calling a college professor about their kid is going a little too far on the helicopter parents’ part. These kids should be able to take care of themselves by then. What’s worse though? A helicopter parent or a parent that is not involved at all?

  • Nolan

    When I was working at a career center of a university I actually saw a helicopter parent take their child through the career fair and prompt them to give the employers their resume. The employers would smile politely and initiate a conversation and as the student would leave they would immediately throw that resume in the trash. I also had a conversation with an employer who told me about an experience he had with a parent calling to ask why their child did not get an internship with the company after they had an interview… Sad but true stories…