I Need A Book
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I Need A Book

This strip stems from visiting the campus library and noticing almost no students are ever looking at books. The ones who are seem to be eying them suspiciously. Perhaps they’re contemplating uses other than reading?

↓ Transcript
LIBRARIAN: Hi, welcome to the library! How can I inform you today?
TREY: I need a book.

LIBRARIAN: We just got a wonderful book of Michael Chabon's short fiction, and a collections of essays on Hooded Mergansers!
TREY: I need one about this tall.

TREY: ...and then I was able to watch that cute girl from behind the book while still stalking her page on Facebook from one of the library computers.
JIMMY: Creepy awesome.

  • Anonymous

    This is depressingly accurate – at the library, we often have students who request books based on size, usually requesting the thinnest book possible. The technology of “chapters” or “indexes” is, apparently, quite advanced.

    However, we often have the encouraging experience of students coming in, looking around shiftily, getting help finding books, then checking them out quickly and shoving them in their backpack, joking about how they really aren’t dorks who like to read, they just “have” to get them because professor evilface made them or something. It’s depressing that students feel the need to apologize for liking books, but it’s nice to know there are many students who secretly love reading.