Muddy Bears
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Muddy Bears

Chocolate covered gummy bears, or Muddy Bears, are a real candy. Apparently there are several different companies producing these, and I for one think these people are sick. Gummy candy and chocolate are two tastes that don’t go together. It’s like a few years back when McDonald’s made their McGriddle breakfast sandwiches that are essentially syrup flavored pancakes around a piece of sausage. Syrup and sausage are two tastes that do not go together.

Then again, they’re still selling both of these products, so what do I know?

↓ Transcript
HOBO: I'd like some gummy bears.
CASHIER: Do you want regular or chocolate covered?

HOBO: Chocolate? No. Who would want chocolate gummy bears?
CASHIER: Is it because they're black, sir?

MANAGER: Is there a problem here?

  • guest

    Sausage + syrup = amazing.

  • Ellen

    i mean… the mcgriddle is sweet + savory. Which is in. But chocolate flavored gummi bears are sweet + sweet which ironically, in my opinion as well, equals disgusting.

  • You don’t like syrup and sausage? Maybe it’s because we eat syrup and non-pork sausage (beef or turkey) but that’s the breakfast of choice for me.

    Oh, but Muddy Bears? Yeah, that’s straight up disgusting.