The Joy of Programming
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The Joy of Programming

In full disclosure, I know little about programming. Other than what I used to do on our Commodore 64, I know next to nothing about the field. Still, what little I do know tells me most people aren’t programming the next great game in thirty minutes, or even thirty hours. That’s a lot of the expectations I’ve seen from people online, such as Facebook posts asking someone to “whip up a game” real quick for them.

Having said that, if anyone really can whip up a game real quick, please let us know. We’ve been wanting a Professor Hobo cell phone game.

↓ Transcript
RICK: I've got an idea for a smartphone game! You fight through waves of zombie pirates who want on resurrect a tribe of ninja dragons to join their zombie clan!
NERD: Sure, I'll get right on that.

NERD: Bleep...bloop...bleep!

RICK: So...are you done?