In defense of marriage

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but apparently marriage is under attack in this country. No, not by aliens or sea beasts, but by the type of people who shop at Crate and Barrel. Now, don’t get me wrong—those who shop at Crate and Barrel are people just like anyone else, but that doesn’t mean they should be ... Read More »

You say it’s your birthday

Today is my nephew Gus’ birthday. My gift to him is the focus of a post in this blog that he doesn’t even read. It’s the thought that counts, so it should be readily apparent to him now not to count on much thought when it comes to me. Birthdays are odd things (except every other year when they’re even). ... Read More »

Catatonic church

I’m sitting here watching my cats fight one another. Not actually fight, like in a manner that would make Michael Vick blush with pride, but sissy slap at one another. Since both cats arrived declawed from the pound, this equals good, clean, safe fun for all involved. Except maybe the cats. Having pets makes you realize that Pokemon games are ... Read More »

Mr. Mittens in real life

One of the common complaints against cartoons and comics is the way they distort character features.  For example, some people complain that Peanuts is ridiculous once one puts any thought into it because Charlie Brown as a real person would have to have a four foot tall head to keep his proportions in line, and therefore wouldn’t be able to ... Read More »

Laundry shopping

If you have never gone shopping for a washer and dryer go ahead and save yourself the trouble now by turning on the oven, allowing it to heat up, and then dropping the whole thing on the back of your head. That’s sort of like the first store you go to. It gets worse from there. Read More »

Lions and fleas and bears! Oh, my!

Metaphors often confuse me, and I don’t think it’s because I can’t understand them. I think most of them are stupid, or confused at best. Just this past week with the passing of Ted Kennedy we had to hear how he was the “Lion of the Senate.” We had to hear this because no journalist could apparently think of anything ... Read More »

The God of hats

I think God probably wears a hat. This may sound odd at first, but hear me out. Don’t all great people through history wear hats? Abraham Lincoln? John Wayne? The Pope? Indiana Jones? All were hat wearers, and I think it’s pretty silly to assume God would associate with the non-hat-wearing crowd over these fellows. Read More »

New site design

The Professor Hobo site has recently undergone two redesigns.  The first was to bring it more in line with the rest of the SassyKat Media properties.  With that switch over (which entailed quite a bit of work) complete, work began on a site that would better showcase the comic strip.  That redesign is now finished and what you are viewing.  ... Read More »

Episode VI: Klowning Around

The sixth episode is technically the seventh episode.  So, how did it end up being labeled the sixth episode?  Originally a script was written for a sixth episode that was to center around the student characters at a summer camp.  Early production work even began on the episode with some drawings and rough scene animations completed.  However, as work proceeded ... Read More »

Episode V: Goat Me

Produced originally for College Sports Television (CSTV), the fifth episode had the shortest turn around time of any episode.  After finishing the fourth episode, CSTV contacted us and requested a second episode to air.  Obviously they again wanted a sports theme, but they also wanted it in one month.  That meant from starting the script to rendering the final cut ... Read More »