Episode III: The King and Us

The third episode was an attempt at doing a real episode for television. We formulated a full storyline, aimed at the commercial-friendly 22-minute range, and set to work. After the events of the first episode and all the controversy it spurred, President Czar had been rising in popularity as one of our favorite characters, as well as our readers. So ... Read More »

Episode II: Bada Bing!

The second episode was under production before the first ever premiered.  The idea was that it was going to be the controversial episode, since we took shots at every religious denomination just about imaginable.  Surely with the episodes airing in a fairly Bible Belt heavy part of America, this would be the episode that got people enraged and calling for ... Read More »

Episode I: The Story of O

Behind the Scenes The first episode ever of the cartoon took the longest and definitely sparked the most attention.  Work began on the episode in around June of 2002.  At that time, neither David nor Justin had much experience writing or animating a cartoon. "I had written short films before, but this had a completely different feel to it from ... Read More »