Duck Dynasty Tales

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past 24 hours, it’s likely you’ve been inundated with statuses either in support or against Phil Robertson of the TV show Duck Dynasty. Likely too, you’ve already formed an opinion in the us-against-them war of words. Maybe you’ve liked a new page asking for Robertson to be reinstated, or you’ve commented furiously on ... Read More »

Dear Asshole on the Internet

The following is in response to the viral article “Dear Mom On The iPhone”. You have probably seen it pop up in your Facebook news feed–perhaps while browsing on your iPhone or, gasp, Android (don’t even get me started about those Windows Phone 8 jerks). Anyway, it’s one of those uniquely asinine posts that deserve a response. Yes, the heart ... Read More »

Ten Films You May Have Overlooked In 2012

The Golden Globes are airing while I type this (though on no TV of mine), and the Academy Awards are coming up in a few short weeks. Given that, I thought I would take some time to highlight a few films you may have overlooked in 2012. These are, for the most part, not big Hollywood films. However, many are ... Read More »

Top ten most popular Professor Hobo comics of 2012

Producing a comic three times a week is a lot of work. Each year we crank out 156 Professor Hobo comics. Some become big hits online, while others fizzle. We have no magic formula for guessing which will go viral and which will not, but it’s always fun to look back and see. Below are the ten most popular strips ... Read More »

The Ten Commandments in comic form

Two years ago we started a series of strips chronicling the entire Ten Commandments from the Bible. It’s actually much harder to make jokes about the Ten Commandments than you might think. We valued being respectful (we’re both Christian), but we knew there were humorous tweaks to be made. So if you enjoy them, please share with your friends and ... Read More »

An athlete’s guide to poetry and William Blake

So, your silly English teacher wants you to learn poetry, huh? Let’s be honest, you might be more interested in sonnets and sestinas if these poets were more liberal with their Xs and Os. Considering they’re not, and many of the ones you’re assigned are long dead and unable to adapt their work for you, perhaps there is another way ... Read More »

The nerd’s guide to Valentine’s Day

The following article is meant solely for entertainment purposes. We do not offer any sort of guarantee along with the advice provided. Use at your own risk. And by risk, we mean getting slapped or having the cops called on you. Both seem likely. Step 1: Getting the girl Where are all the girls? Look, it isn’t that girls don’t ... Read More »

Ten most popular Professor Hobo comics of 2011

Every year we crank out 156 Professor Hobo comic strips. While even we would admit that not every strip is a homerun, even we’re surprised sometimes by which comics turn out to be the most popular among readers. Below are the top ten most popular strips based upon hits on the website. Maybe we’ll pick our personal favorites later. Enjoy. ... Read More »

Professor or hobo?

Over the last few days we’ve been getting a ton of hits through Google and other search engines from people searching “professor or hobo.” Now, normally we get all kinds of weird searches that lead people to us, but these have been concentrated and at times outnumbering our regular content for bringing hits. So, what’s going on? Apparently there’s an ... Read More »

Episode IX: A Day at the Zoo

When the local zoo is running low on funds, there’s only one way to save it–a rock ‘n roll show! But just like rock ‘n roll, there’s some nasty alongside the sweet as students battle to save the zoo from itself. Unlike a lot of other recent episodes, this one is quite lengthy and therefore took a fairly large group ... Read More »