Online store launches

We recently launched our online store where you can buy t-shirts, posters, and more featuring Professor Hobo. We did this for one main reason–to allow fans to purchase items. Honestly, we make so little off each item sold that the store will likely not even pay for itself. So no, unless someone starts ordering a thousand shirt s a month ... Read More »

Disney thinks your children are stupid

After a work-related meeting yesterday my wife and I drove to a neighboring town for dinner. The town itself is heavily Amish and the restaurant features home-style food. These details are not unrelated, but not related in the way you might assume. You might assume that a home-style restaurant in an Amish town would be run by the Amish, but ... Read More »

The not so pure history of film

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on prepping the Introduction to Film course I’ll teach in the fall. The class has a lab during which we have enough time to screen full length films. That means I have to pick which films to show, and that can be harder than it sounds. When dealing with a young audience, ... Read More »

Unholy website of CNN

While piddling about online looking for something interesting to read, I made the mistake of visiting CNN’s website. What’s so bad about CNN’s site, you ask? First, why does CNN act confused about where I am? Just about every other website in the world can recognize and greet me knowing I’m from the United States. For some reason, CNN always ... Read More »

Lies that television told me

As I write this, my in-laws are driving five hours to come visit. According to television, this should frighten me. My mother-in-law will suggest other men my wife should have married, and my father-in-law will glare and sneer at me at the same time–sort of a snare, if you will. Except, this won’t happen. Oh the many splendid lies of ... Read More »

Believe you me or cry trying

Belief is a powerful thing, though slightly less powerful than a mid-ocean oil pipe, apparently. Belief has driven humans out of the cave, across the sea, and into theaters showing Nicholas Cage films. But while you may be powerfully motivated by your own beliefs, you also happen to be powerfully motivated against those of others. Why? Here’s a little thought ... Read More »

Of puffy shirts and more serious matters

There are most likely three reactions one can have to reading the title of this piece. One, you recognize it as a Seinfeld reference. Two, you only just now recognized it as a reference upon me mentioning Seinfeld. Three, you have no idea what a puffy shirt is. If you fall under option three, you most likely often feel left ... Read More »

Lost was never an intellectual show

Last week I wrote that the finale of Lost could do nothing but disappoint. No matter how much fans gave it a fair shake, they would end up slightly disappointed after investing six years and not getting an ending that would satiate every nuanced desire. Having read several responses since the airing, I stand by that assertion. Even the most ... Read More »

Why Lost can do nothing but disappoint

I was a quasi-latecomer to Lost. After watching the premiere episode and a couple after, I fell out of regular viewing until I caught up sometime during the third season. Since then, for better or for worse, I’ve been hooked. As the finale draws near, I fear it was for worse. But wait, I am not simply being blindly critical. ... Read More »

Steve busts some heads for his shot at HD

Steve is an interesting character, since we never originally intended him to be his own character. He began life as part of a trio of Racer Patrol officers. Over time, however, we found we usually only needed one officer, so we settled on Steve. The other two occasionally still turn up, but Steve is definitely the star. Read More »