Hiding the Truth from ourselves

“If life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy,” asks Singer Chris Rice in his song “Big Enough.” If we don’t know initially, we’re soon let in that the object of his question is God himself. Rice makes this clear in the chorus when he sings, “God if You’re there I wish You’d show me / And God if ... Read More »

Rick joins the HD craze

How do you know a fad has just about jumped the shark (such as, saying jumped the shark)? When people like Rick start joining in. Look, we created Rick and we have a certain fondness for him. But trust us, he’s one trip into The Gap away from wearing pink shirts. He just needs a blessing from the cool gods. Read More »

Episode VIII: Muddied Waters

The tragedy of the flood in Nashville, TN is brought into sharp focus by the tragedy that is celebrity telethons.  Celebrities such as Mike Myers, Taylor Swift, and Garth Brooks unite to save Nashville, while the Professor Hobo characters look on. Read More »

Hobo goes HD, sort of

Let’s say you’re the type that does an online comic strip. That’s a lot of work and time to put into something, so obviously you’d want a break now and then. What do you do with that break? Why, practice drawing the comic some more, of course! That’s exactly what David has done with these newest Professor Hobo sketches. But ... Read More »

Humor: A Christmas Tale

In the next few days I will (hopefully) be posting the presentation I did over humor in Professor Hobo. Once posted you can see how much you disagree with my own flimsy analysis. However, having given the presentation twice, it has had me thinking about the subject of humor. What makes something funny? One technique in humor is to take ... Read More »

How to spot a Jackass versus a Total Jackass

Are you a Jackass? Are you sure? I suspect many people are and simply don’t know it. That’s why I’ve over the years developed a theory that the world would be better if non-Jackass people carried around t-shirts and handed them out to all the Jackasses they meet. Said t-shirts would come in two varieties—Jackass and Total Jackass. What’s the ... Read More »

Technology for the goodness sake of it

In full disclosure, you should know that I love what technology can do for me.  I love that it allows me to continue the Professor Hobo strips via a web site and Facebook page.  I love that it allows me to share classic films with my wife via Netflix instant streaming.  I love that my cell phone not only gives ... Read More »

Episode VII: Tiger Beat

The campus comes to a standstill when the latest celebrity scandal grabs everyone’s attention.  Originally started as a comic, the idea soon became too unwieldy for the printed page.  Right before dropping it entirely we wondered if it might work best as an animation, and so here it is. Read More »

Trading brains for love

When I was a kid we had detached garage that had at one point been a barn.  In other words, it was quite large.  Feral cats would move into it to birth kittens, and then we’d be stuck with not only feral cats, but feral kittens.  My mom was big on trying to tame the kittens, so we’d take a ... Read More »

Kentucky is not exactly a healthy place to live

I love my home state of Kentucky, but I can’t say I’m surprised to discover it tops an index for unhealthiest behavior.  I’m not exactly sure what they mean by unhealthy behavior, but I have a few guesses. People in Kentucky love to run around in the woods with guns.  They often do this early in the morning at or ... Read More »