I snark, therefore I am

Wasn’t it great when Taylor Swift had a pitchy performance on the Grammys? That’ll show that young woman not to write her own music and connect with millions of fans. Jerk. It might surprise you to hear that I detest snarkiness. My wife and I currently subscribe to four magazines—The New Yorker, The Week, ESPN the Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly. ... Read More »

Am I normal for this?

What qualifies as normal is one of the great mysteries of life. Everyone has little quirks that they’re just not that sure of. For example, do other men shave first before showering? I do, but if everyone else doesn’t I suppose it makes me abnormal. The reflex is to shout, “There is no normal!” You know who says this? Weird ... Read More »

Having a manversation

Tough Guy: “Whether or not you stay or you go, it doesn’t matter—you’re already dead.” Me: “Did you poison me?” Annoyed Tough Guy: “What? No.” Still Me: “Am I Bruce Willis?” That small exchange of dialogue would be me in any given action film. Men in action films always have great tough dialogue, but even cooler is the abstract conversations ... Read More »

Signs you did not win the Super Bowl

It seems to me that our culture is moving to a Super Bowl mentality. More everyday people seem like cogs in a PR machine, each touting every action as some grand shared accomplishment. Below are several accomplishments that should never be assumed shared. 1. “We won the Super Bowl last year, and we’re going to do it again!” No, a ... Read More »

Wishing competency upon my enemies

This may sound strange, but I wish my enemies were more competent. A statement like this, of course, raises a couple of perfectly valid questions. First, how do I know my enemies are not competent? If they were, don’t you think I’d be dead by now? I’m not talking people who simply don’t like me. Over the years I’ve accumulated ... Read More »

A man’s Christmas journey through a woman’s world

Now that Christmas has passed I can write more freely about the shopping process. In particular, the process of shopping for my wife. See, while Santa might give parents a break, childless married men are left to fend for themselves in shopping for their wives. Worse, without children we’re expected to devote extra thought to our wives’ gifts. This is ... Read More »

Ten best things of 2009

Compiling a list of the ten best of anything is always a bit of a leap in the dark. For example, list the ten best golfers in the world today and do you include Tiger Woods? Two months ago that was a no-brainer, but in the middle of his self-imposed break is he still as competitive as ten of the ... Read More »

Christmas shopping is the third circle of Hell

Christmas shopping is the worst. It’s a slow, drawn out death by degrees. It’s a solid month of trolling through malls and web pages searching for that one certain gift that won’t make someone resent you for a whole more year. Bah humbug. “But surely you can see that you’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas,” you say. “Refocus on ... Read More »

Trailer: Black Friday

What originally began as a small idea for a comic soon snowballed.  The Black Friday concept was originally supposed to be a normal three-panel comic.  However, when the idea simply couldn’t be fit within three panels it got turned into the first expanded six-panel strip in full-color.  And that, gave us an idea. Read More »

Getting rich the easy way

Browse any bookstore and you’ll find a thousand or more books on how to get rich.  One wonders if all these authors actually are rich, or their plan to get rich is to sucker people into buying their books?  Regardless, anything more than free seems like the wrong direction to begin your journey to rich.  That is unless, of course, ... Read More »