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Brand New iPhone

I’m very excited for the new iPhone…assuming it really has this invisible feature. I love gadgets, but in truth my interest in new phones has dropped off considerably. Most new features seem simply bigger screens or slightly snappier processors. It’s been a while since a new feature really impressed me. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I accidentally replied to all of campus with ... Read More »

Mac Versus PC

I’ve actually had someone get angry at me before because I said I didn’t have a huge preference between the two formats. I’ve used both and find both to have some strengths and weaknesses, but beyond that it’s mostly a tool in my mind. I get someone preferring Toyota over Honda, but I can’t see why it would make them ... Read More »

Siri On Steroids

Really smart people choose to go to all sorts of colleges. But beware the doctor who got into their safety school and still finished near the bottom of their class. ↓ TranscriptNERD 1: Thanks to our software update, Westin here can answer any question a student asks him. He's like Siri on steroids. But smarter. And actually kind of useful. ... Read More »

The jPhone

Personally I can’t wait to see the new iPhone. Not because I expect it to change my life, but because Apple has become such a bellwether for the industry. They usually don’t get there first, but they’re a pretty good indicator where the rest of the industry will follow. Though if all we see is a wider screen, they may ... Read More »

iPads in Education

Make no mistake, technology such as iPads and other tablet computers can be of great value in education. The problem, like with most education solutions, is that people tend to try to force their use and end up using them entirely incorrectly. Or else just frustrating everyone that works with them. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: I don't understand how your communication budget ... Read More »


Yesterday was a sad day with the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. When I heard the news it just made me incredibly sad. I wasn’t sure why at first. Certainly I have no real connection to Jobs. While I use some Apple products, I hardly consider myself a diehard fan. Nor would I be as sad to hear of ... Read More »

Convenient Timing

It’s hard to believe that Osama bin Laden is actually dead. I’m sure there will be conspiracy theories to come out of all this (there’s already plenty about 9/11), but even not doubting the official story, this day is hard to imagine. Not because it’s such a relief, but because I had long ago reserved myself to the idea it ... Read More »