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The Social Network

Dorks simply cannot win. Even when they become billionaire manipulators of the world, they still have people making movies about what dorks they are. Worse, the movies are written by other dorks. It’s dork on dork violence. Can’t we all just get along to a Dungeons and Dragons convention? ↓ TranscriptTREY: I finally saw that movie The Social Network. (Rick, ... Read More »

Cancer Awareness

The real world incident and the idea for this comic just made us laugh.  It’s almost too funny on its own for parody, but hopefully we found a way by tweaking it a bit. Our biggest concern was that the strip poke fun at the idea, and not what it supported.  We really didn’t want to do a joke mocking ... Read More »

Old Boyfriends

It should be common knowledge by now that the sole purpose for most people of social networking is to keep up with the Jonses.  It’s like the ultimate form of reality television, you get to spy in on every detail of a person’s life and compare how much worse it is than yours.  This is especially true for old boyfriends ... Read More »

Status Updates

Status updates are the bane of common decency.  The constant pressure to update one’s status means that people inevitably turn to easy, convenient, and thoughtless manners in which to do so.  Not that music lyrics are the worst thing someone could post, but then again, neither are they particularly adding to anyone’s thoughts beyond what Amanda is expressing here. Jimmy ... Read More »

Badger Friends

Welcome to the future, where you can read up on what anyone you have ever known is having for lunch!  Social networking may be fun and even useful at times, but it’s also amazingly pointless most of the time.  Of course, this has led to every university and corporation trying to get in on the fun. A site involving badger ... Read More »