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Most Dangerous Majors

Every profession brings hazards along with it. Some are just better hidden than others. Some don’t feel like they should be at all. There have been a few confused comments on other sites about this comic, so me take a moment to do something I don’t normally and try to make it clearer. This is not a joke. This strip ... Read More »

Ewoks In Next Star Wars

I’ve never fully understood the hate many have for the Ewoks. Yes, they’re diabetes inducing cute, but are they really any goofier than the rest of Star Wars? Maybe so, but I’ll still take them over most of the prequels any day. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: I hope when they make the new Star Wars films they include the Ewoks. TREY: What? ... Read More »

Escape the Friend Zone

I should note that this strip is purely fantasy. Everyone knows there is no real way to escape the friend zone. ↓ TranscriptTREY: Lincoln, you've got to help me escape the Friend Zone! LINCOLN: The only way to do that is to change the mind of the person who sent you here. TREY: How do I do that? LINCOLN: Usually ... Read More »

The Friend Zone

Every person dreads being banished to the Friend Zone. What’s funny to me is the moment of realization when it suddenly dawns on you that’s where you’re headed. I can imagine an entire Seinfeld episode on trying to prevent that placement. They would do something very clever. We, on the other hand, used portals. You’re supposed to laugh at the ... Read More »

Pixy Stix Pizza

I ate so much garbage in college. Pixy Stix pizza would have been pretty good for my diet at the time. Thank goodness for high metabolism in college, and I suppose multivitamins. Otherwise I’d be dead. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We think we can increase retention by increasing food options on campus. LUNCH LADY: You gonna open a Taco Bell? CZAR: No, ... Read More »

Being Gay

Just so there is no confusion, the obvious point here is that harassing people for being homosexual is a bad thing. It is especially bad for Christians to do so. They should be especially outraged by recent events, not simply nodding along. This is probably just about as political as we ever get with the strip, but you’ll have to ... Read More »

Gustav Holst Walks into an Elevator

This is the only strip we’ve ever heard negative feedback from, and boy did we hear it. A friend of ours is a music major and reported back that several people in the music department were annoyed upon reading this strip. Oddly, the only people who probably got the Holst joke were the people who were mad. That’s irony for ... Read More »