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Strike Buster

Remember kids, it’s okay if you commit senseless violence–as long as you learned something. There should be more after school specials with such messages. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I've brought in a professional strike buster to end these teacher protests. MITTENS: I aim to misbehave. ED MAJOR: Are you here to join our protest? MITTENS: Sure, you lead and I'll follow right ... Read More »


Administrators are always convinced they’re worth at least double whatever they’re currently being paid. Too many people also use this bluff to try to get more money, when in truth everyone is busily trying to figure out a way to get rid of them. Must work sometime or they wouldn’t keep trying. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Other universities are courting me. They're ... Read More »

Server Room

Colleges really want to know a lot about their students.  A whole lot.  Sometimes it gets a little creepy what they want to know for “marketing” purposes.  Combine that with the annoying pleading for bucks from alumni, and you have the birth of this strip. Oddly, the guy seems more bothered in the last panel than the girl. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: ... Read More »


I once worked for a company where everyone thought this way.  We’d have a meeting and the discussion would instantly turn to what our competitors were doing.  When someone suggested trying something different they recoiled like vampires to a crucifix.  Innovation is scary, which seems to be the reason many companies die held up in their corporate offices with the ... Read More »


Yes, George Fox University is a real place.  For once we didn’t make up everything.   Now, this either adds a much needed dose of reality to the strip, or is further evidence of our lack of creativity.  We’ll leave it up to you. Note that President Czar’s desk is taped back together from last strip.  The university is incredibly cheap. ... Read More »

New Uniforms

In writing a comic strip I often find myself feeling like Paul Verhoeven defending Starship Troopers.  Listen to him sometime emphatically deny that the film is pro-Fascist, and then wonder who could watch it and think it anything else? That’s how we often feel with strips like this.  Of course Coach T. is an idiot.  Didn’t we already spell it ... Read More »

Increasing Enrollment

I can’t help but imagine that this is how most decisions are made at universities.  They’re less institutes of higher learning than they are theme parks that need to roll out a new attraction every twelve months. Seriously, wait for it.  Some school is preparing a Twilight course as we speak.  I would do it if I had any interest ... Read More »

Pay Raise

There are three things in this world that nobody has hard evidence for:  God, why Ryan Seacrest is a star, and the logic used for pay raises.  The first I will take on faith, and the second I will accept as the burden I pay for the gift of free will.  But the third?  Well, I accept it as well ... Read More »