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Black Friday 3

People are always real defensive over horror films until they start seriously talking about them. Then suddenly, with the reality of the countless sequels in their face, they cave. The truth is, as Scream put it, most horror sequels suck. This is no revelation to most of you, yet somehow the countless sequels still prove profitable. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: I can't ... Read More »

Black Friday 2

Doing the Black Friday strips are fun for us, because we don’t have to worry about character personalities or logic in anyway. Now, I know you’re thinking we never do that in the first place, and of course, you’re right. We just feel less bad about it with the Black Friday strips. Maybe someday we’ll do a whole comic book ... Read More »

Trailer: Black Friday

What originally began as a small idea for a comic soon snowballed.  The Black Friday concept was originally supposed to be a normal three-panel comic.  However, when the idea simply couldn’t be fit within three panels it got turned into the first expanded six-panel strip in full-color.  And that, gave us an idea. Read More »

Black Friday

Holidays are a favorite target of horror films dating back to original slasher classics like Black Christmas and Halloween.  The day after Thanksgiving seems ripe for a killing.  Mr. Mittens and Rick have teamed before for the Kill Rick series of films, so perhaps Rick is Mr. Mittens’ muse?  This marks our first ever full-color strip. This is also a ... Read More »