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This strip came to me while on vacation. I saw a little statue of monkeys doing the traditional “no evil” gestures, and I thought about it with our characters. Blind Professor was an obvious choice, and when I thought about speaking, Bonafide seemed to fit well. Even if he did speak evil, no one would understand it. ↓ TranscriptCAPTION: See ... Read More »


Left-handed people have a real chip of their shoulders. I can say this since I’m right-handed, and literally have the world handed to me in the most comfortable manner possible. Left-handed people would have to strain to reach over and get the world. Dr. Klownus looks especially evil next to Blind Professor. I’m not exactly sure why. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: It's ... Read More »

Halloween Party

In college we used to have a Halloween party every year. They met with varying levels of success, but it seemed appropriate that this should be echoed somehow in the comic strip. This is also one of the strip’s that really establishes President Czar’s complete indifference towards what his employees have to say. Blind Professor and Dr. Bones make cameos ... Read More »

Blind Man Walking

This remains one of my favorite strips of all the original ones. I love the play between the foreground and background conversations. Ok, so I am a little biased. Anyway, we wanted to feature Mr. Mittens heavily in a strip after his first appearance, so we decided what better way to show his true personality than to have him pick ... Read More »