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Free Range Chicken

I once stood in line behind a couple at Dairy Queen who had about 20 questions about the shrimp they were considering ordering. It’s fast food people. I doubt the 16-year-old kid has any idea. If you care that much, go to a nice restaurant. ↓ TranscriptMOTHER: Does your chicken contain hormones? CZAR: Your guess is as good as mine. ... Read More »

Chicken Strips Vs. Chicken Tenders

Chicken strips, chicken tenders, boneless chicken wings, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, etc. I assume are all the same thing. I know the argument is probably that they come from different parts of the chicken, but since I don’t know what part of a chicken is the “popcorn” I’m going to assume it’s all just a ruse. ↓ TranscriptGRANDMA: I'd like ... Read More »

Fry Cook

Doing any job well requires some level of expertise and professionalism, but some jobs have basic rules that you absolutely must abide by. I imagine fry cook is one such job. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Since the Board of Regents fired me, I need a new job. BILLY: What do you know about being a fry cook? CZAR: I assume don't dip ... Read More »

Board of Regents

People who want to be in charge of education always seem to have the smallest clue about education. They want to buy themselves respectability, rather than earn it. This usually bodes poorly for actual educating. ↓ TranscriptREGENT: I'm sorry President Czar, but I and the other members of the Board of Regents have decided to fire you. CZAR: Fire me? ... Read More »