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This strip came to me while on vacation. I saw a little statue of monkeys doing the traditional “no evil” gestures, and I thought about it with our characters. Blind Professor was an obvious choice, and when I thought about speaking, Bonafide seemed to fit well. Even if he did speak evil, no one would understand it. ↓ TranscriptCAPTION: See ... Read More »

Christmas Biguts

We had what we thought were two pretty good jokes this week. It’s sometimes hard to temper the instinct to throw two jokes into one strip. Sometimes it works out, and others it makes the strip feel “crowded.” In this one, I think at least, it works fairly well. Plus, Dr. Klownus in his costume is a very, very amusing ... Read More »

Bonafide’s Cajun Babysittin

This strip has been called everything from creepy to classic. It features the first introduction of Bonafide T. Gator, a character we had created in a notebook months earlier but had never known exactly how to integrate into the comic strip. Then one night the inspiration came to make a creepy alligator character into the strip’s centerpiece of misunderstanding and ... Read More »