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Call of Battlefield

There’s nothing wrong with how a preference in the game you play. In fact, a complete lack of preference for Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo would seem kind of odd. Almost like someone just didn’t care whatever they played. That being said, my nephew gets a bit worked up over which is “best” and how wrong players are of ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Class Warfare

Video games are capable of being political in an interesting manner. Games such as Beyond Good and Evil, Bioshock, and the Metal Gear Solid series make quite valiant attempts at discussing, at the least, some minor political theory or ideologies. The problem is that most games that attempt doing so can’t even be called valiant attempts. It would be interesting ... Read More »

Call of Duty

While The History Channel has tried, Civil War video games have just never really caught on.  Some argue because they’re too boring, but my secret suspicion is that game designers don’t know enough about the war to actually attempt a game.  Ask the average person off the street and they can rattle off some details on World War II.  In ... Read More »