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Heretics Like You

We once had these people move in next door. It did feel like we were making amends in some sort of Limbo. I suppose Hell would actually be living with them, but we were on the edge of Hell. Read More »

Muffler Sacrement

People use the verse from Revelation in the Bible to justify all kinds of crazy things, so I figured removal of mufflers wasn’t too far off. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Are you telling me you remove mufflers as some sort of religious sacrement? YOKEL 1: The Good Book says no man shall add unto His word. HOBO: But Jesus never had a ... Read More »

Muffling the Voices

There has to be some justification for removing one’s muffler and creating all that noise. Religious convictions seemed as good a rationale as any. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: I need to replace the muffler on my car. It's really loud and obnoxious. YOKEL 1: Good, it keeps the Devil away. YOKEL 2: That silence you desire allows the Devil's tongue to whisper ... Read More »

Car shopping as a measure of intelligence

I bought a car this past weekend. Actually, my wife and I bought a car this past weekend. But since I rarely drive (except slow on the driveway every Saturday), it is mostly a purchase for her. The process of buying a car is equivalent to having root canal work done on the back of a camel while riding through ... Read More »