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Free Range Chicken


I once stood in line behind a couple at Dairy Queen who had about 20…

Fry Cook


Doing any job well requires some level of expertise and professionalism, but some jobs have…

The Trouble With Girls


There’s a very select group of males who think this way. Sure, every male thinks…

Free Gun With Kids’ Meal


Remember, only you can prevent sudden gunshots that there are no warning signs of…with another…

Fast Food Games


There’s trade-offs involved in any profession. People envy the lawyer making $200 an hour, but…

Fast Food Physics


Remembering that a situation could always be worse is pretty good advice. It helps prevents…



↓ TranscriptBILLY: Man, ten hours in the car. I’ve got to hit the bathroom before I eat anything. “Employees, remember to wash hands before returning to work.” BILLY: Can you remind your cooks to please cook my chicken? I’d also like my fries fried if you can remind them. You know, since it seems to