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Fast Food Games

There’s trade-offs involved in any profession. People envy the lawyer making $200 an hour, but rarely the hours he or she puts in. Being President of the United States sounds like it has its perks, until you note how much they all age in even a four year term. Being a cartoonist even has lots of negatives, but I’ll have ... Read More »

Practicality of Education

Before you think this is just another zany plot line, there are many people out there with PhDs working fast food places like Chickentopia. Why? I’m not 100% sure. Sometimes they simply can’t find a job, anywhere. Others can’t find a job in the right location or at the right school they want. Still, they’re not alone. You’d be surprised ... Read More »

Fast Food Physics

Remembering that a situation could always be worse is pretty good advice. It helps prevents situations like this where you complain to someone who actually does have it worse. I’m not saying this is autobiographical or anything, but this pretty much happens to me at least once a week. I should shut up. There’s just something funny to me about ... Read More »