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Beyond the Apex

Listen in to any motivational speaker if you need evidence that language is malleable and not set in stone. They’re constantly redefining words in goofy ways. Sometimes, like with apex, they even stick. Yes, I have heard people proclaim they will soar past their apex. Apparently they will invert themselves somehow, I suppose. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: You can't make someone taller ... Read More »

Small Man Syndrome

Sometimes all of your problems are simply in your mind. Sometimes you’re just short. Sometimes your mind is short. Sometimes you’re short minded. Yep, there’s something deep and philosophical there. Go ahead, dig around. You’ll find it eventually. ↓ TranscriptCOACH T: As a certified life coach I can make you better at whatever you want. BEARD: I'd like to be ... Read More »

Life Coach

I admit it–I don’t understand the concept of a life coach. I’m sure they provide a valuable service to some people, but the usefulness escapes me. Every time I hear the term I think of Bob Newhart telling patients to just stop what they’re doing. Can you really make money doing so? ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Coach, how was your summer? COACH ... Read More »

Smells Like Team Spirit

As noted on a previous post, there’s just something funny about fans who think they truly are part of a sports team. They use “we” to talk about the team, and sometimes will even talk about strategy on the field they personally need to implement. Better yet are those fans who think their mundane life choices are the difference between ... Read More »

Undefeated Season

The Racers of Murray State University (where Professor Hobo began) are currently 21-0, and the last undefeated team in men’s college basketball. Pretty cool, huh? Yes, though suddenly everyone feels like they had some part in it. That’s the weird thing about sports–everyone feels they’re on the team. Oh well. Go Racers. ↓ TranscriptJOURNALIST: Coach T, your basketball team is ... Read More »

Banned Books Week

This week actually is Banned Books Week for those unaware. As celebrated by the American Library Association, the point of this week is to celebrate “Intellectual freedom—the freedom to access information and express ideas, even if the information and ideas might be considered unorthodox or unpopular.” Our comic’s history certainly makes this personally very important to us. You don’t have ... Read More »

Newfound Knowledge

Coach T is so proud of everything he says, does, thinks, or perhaps even passes by on the street. Pairing him with someone arrogant like President Czar usually results in humor, regardless of what we do. This is assembly line humor. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Did you tell the golf team to simply putt around the puddles? COACH T: Did I ever! ... Read More »


We had a bit of trouble with this strip. The last line went through about three rewrites. It originally referenced Raiden, the Japanese god of thunder. We ended up thinking that was perhaps too vague, and for most people an old fashioned Zeus call out would work best. ↓ TranscriptASSISTANT: You see, when the lightning hits the rain it electrifies ... Read More »

Whip Into Shape

This strip originates from watching a real college football practice in the rain. It didn’t seem safe, but more than that it didn’t seem like much fun. I would have taken an umbrella with me while I ran drills. ↓ TranscriptCOACH T: Now that we got these boys back onto campus, it's time to whip them into shape. ASSISTANT: But ... Read More »

Spin Control

From experience, I know sometimes trying to work PR in a situation looks a lot like this.  Of course, that’s made even worse when the two people trying to spin a story are equally stupid and evil, as they are here. What will be the eventual fate of Coach T?  Most likely everyone will forget about him when a new ... Read More »