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Technology in the Classroom

I suppose it must feel that way to people on the I.T. side, but I’m constantly amazed how often I’m told I don’t like technology. Maybe some professors don’t embrace it, but I think most don’t embrace their particular technology because it doesn’t work. ↓ TranscriptMOLE: We're here from I.T. to figure out why you don't use more technology in ... Read More »

Little Disk Icon

I’m amazed how quickly technology has changed that I now have students who have never owned a computer with a floppy disk drive. I wondered how long before they have never seen a traditional phone in someone’s home? ↓ TranscriptBEARD: When you're finished, click the little disk icon to save. AMANDA: Why? BEARD: Because it's the universal icon for save. ... Read More »

Mac Versus PC

I’ve actually had someone get angry at me before because I said I didn’t have a huge preference between the two formats. I’ve used both and find both to have some strengths and weaknesses, but beyond that it’s mostly a tool in my mind. I get someone preferring Toyota over Honda, but I can’t see why it would make them ... Read More »

Better Tech Better Lives

I’m always amused when someone tells me the specs of their new tech and then I ask them what they plan to use it for. At this point in history there are some legitimate tasks hampered by specs (games, video editing, CAD, etc.), but those aren’t things the majority of users do. Okay, possibly with the exception of gaming, but ... Read More »

Probably Hackers

I like to pretend there’s a masked army of hackers constantly causing all of the problems with my technology. Playstation controller battery dead? Must have been hackers. Automatic door into grocery store out of order? Hackers! ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why is my computer running so slow? MOLE: Someone probably hacked it. BEARD: I can't connect to the Internet. TROLL: Probably one ... Read More »

Simplicity in Computing

Whenever I buy a new tech product that is supposed to be simpler, it always ends up being just as complicated if not more so in the long run. This is especially true of the accessory hole it’s so easy to get dragged down into. You buy something and then need twenty accessories just to make it really function the ... Read More »

The Tyranny of Operating Systems

College campuses are full of smug offs. Remember kids, nobody wins in a smug off. Even the “winner” just ends up looking smug. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I installed Linux on your computer while you were out. You can thank me later. FEMALE: Why would I thank you? KLOWNUS: Because you no longer know the tyranny of an operating system that isn't ... Read More »

Tablets are the Future

There’s been a big push to move everything digital in higher education. Tablet computers are sexy, and boy do they seem more appealing than stuffy old textbooks. Apple has even made great promos of what the future of textbooks could look like, even with soem real examples. The problem is twofold. First, it will take years to redo textbooks into ... Read More »

The Joy of Programming

In full disclosure, I know little about programming. Other than what I used to do on our Commodore 64, I know next to nothing about the field. Still, what little I do know tells me most people aren’t programming the next great game in thirty minutes, or even thirty hours. That’s a lot of the expectations I’ve seen from people ... Read More »

Let My Laptop Go

This has been a recurring problem at many jobs I’ve held. I understand the predicament of the I.T. department. How can they judge my knowledge of a computer? How can they allow different computer setups when disk images are so much simpler? Still, when I see it being an issue for people who are essentially teaching I.T. skills, then I ... Read More »