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Holly Hopper

What a mess this strip turned out to be. We had far too many ideas and tried to cram them all into one strip. The resulting mess doesn’t work at all, and is barely even readable. You can’t win them all. We did fight with the newspaper staff, yet again, over the Tourette line. The eventual version that ran in ... Read More »

Bonafide’s Cajun Babysittin

This strip has been called everything from creepy to classic. It features the first introduction of Bonafide T. Gator, a character we had created in a notebook months earlier but had never known exactly how to integrate into the comic strip. Then one night the inspiration came to make a creepy alligator character into the strip’s centerpiece of misunderstanding and ... Read More »

Your Bleeding Offends Me

We always assumed this was a not-at-all-subtle jab at the editors of the newspaper, who were having fits week to week complaining about different strips. It turned out to be quite offensive to the administrators at Murray State, as well. Apparently, it was too subtle for them and they read it as a personal attack on them. Considering this strip ... Read More »