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People usually fall into two categories. There are those relaxed individuals who enjoy life as it comes, and there are those so afraid of mildly even bending any rule that they refuse to even move–petrified in place. For some reason, these people usually end up in administrative roles. Go figure. ↓ TranscriptSTEVE: Halt! Hold it right there! STEVE: You just ... Read More »


Ever noticed that superheroes do tons of damage, and yet no one ever complains? I mean, thanks for saving the kitten and all Superman, but did you have to derail a train in the process? Really, most superheroes are kind of jerks. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Ugh, again? They put mayonnaise on my burger! No matter how many times I tell them, ... Read More »

Secret Identity

This one was sort of fun because we got to bring back two older characters in Dr. Zane and Victoria (even if Dr. Zane had briefly appeared last week). The idea of the layered multiple personality amused me. What would you do if you had another personality, who happened to be famous, but who also happened to be a superhero? ... Read More »


One of the things that we pride ourselves (rather foolishly) on is the continuity within Professor Hobo. No, the continuity isn’t flawless. That would be too much work. But we do pride ourselves on the fact that once a character is introduced, it’s very likely they’ll turn up again. Our friend Satan here first appeared in one of our cartoons, ... Read More »

New Dean

This is a bit of an odd strip for us. The joke is fairly straightforward, if a bit dark in humor. However, it does mark the return of two long forgotten characters–Dr. Bones and Dr. Zane. Theoretically, look for them to turn up again soon. Of course, that’s what we said last time about them, as well. Why does Dr. ... Read More »