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Driving to Class

Wake up. Walk out of dorm and find car in parking lot. Drive around campus to entrance nearest building. Find parking spot. Walk to class. Or simply walk to class. Nine times out of ten the latter option is not only healthier, but faster. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Did you drive to class? BILLY: Yep! Breaking all the rules. MEGAN: But why? ... Read More »

Slow Drivers Kill

I know people who actually think this way. Of course, this usually causes them to drive recklessly which probably drains more of their life, eventually. In other words–you’re going to die regardless how others drive. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Hurry up you slowpokes! VICTORIA: Billy, calm down. We're in no rush. BILLY: You don't understand! Every minute they slow me down with ... Read More »

Interstate Highway System

People behave crazily on the highway. I’m sure this comes as no shock to most people, but driving over the holidays can prove to be a rude awakening to those who have forgotten. I understand nobody wants to be stuck behind someone in the left lane that is riding their brake, but some people seem to be confused and believe ... Read More »