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The Fleshers Strike Back

In films little kids always cower and hide away from dangerous fiends.  In reality, I think many little kids would react like the girl here.  Children tend to be completely self-absorbed, and no super villain is going to get in their way of seeing Hannah Montana! And where did Electronika get that cookie?  Does she carry them around with her at all ... Read More »

Nation of Electronic Relentless Disseminators

I understand the branding aspect, but isn’t it just a little bit weird that we create cute icons to represent social media sites?  Isn’t it sort of like telling people that they can connect with their friends through this site, but just in case they don’t have friends–here’s a new one!  it looks like a bird–sort of. Electronika looks like ... Read More »


To the best of my understanding we have technology that can block cell phones in movie theaters.  Why are we not using it?  Why not just install it into every theater in the country?  By law? I’ve heard the arguments against such tech.  Perhaps someone really needs to be available?  Honestly, if you’re so important you can’t be out of ... Read More »