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Little Disk Icon

I’m amazed how quickly technology has changed that I now have students who have never owned a computer with a floppy disk drive. I wondered how long before they have never seen a traditional phone in someone’s home? ↓ TranscriptBEARD: When you're finished, click the little disk icon to save. AMANDA: Why? BEARD: Because it's the universal icon for save. ... Read More »

Legend In My Own Mind

Occasionally there was a guy in college who would try to fool everyone. He usually just ended up wasting everyone’s time. Nobody was particularly happy about it, except for that guy. He probably ended up in Congress. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Professor, before you get started discussing the book we were supposed to read, I'd like to interject. You see, I didn't ... Read More »

Ides of PowerPoint

Sometimes I will use vacation photos in class activities. My theory is that this is about the only way you can have a captive audience view your vacation photos and not lose friends in the process. This is likely the most purely evil act I will ever commit in my life. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: What are you working on? BEARD: My ... Read More »

Music of My Youth

Sadly, I knew I was getting old when the music on the radio started giving me a headache. I’ve never been much of a pop fan, but I actually heard myself say, “I just don’t get this music.” Don’t worry, I’m making a sign to keep the kids off my lawn so I won’t have to waste so much time ... Read More »

Dangers of Laser Pointers

When I was in high school I can recall a friend who had a laser pointer and spent all of his time shining in the general vicinity of another friend just to annoy him. He would wildly flail his arms yelling not to shine it in his eyes. Today, I assume that kid is either dead from radiation, or the ... Read More »

Academic Children’s Books

I didn’t bother searching for these on Amazon first, so there may very well be a Bi-curious George already in print. I bet it would be a big seller. Anyway, what are you suggestions for children’s books written by academics? ↓ TranscriptBEARD: My sister is having another kid, so I bought a few books for the shower. HOBO: Little House ... Read More »

Gun Debate Fatigue

Dr. Klownus has incredibly thin arms. He could be a female model with those arms. And the third panel is a joke, before anyone comments or writes in to correct us. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: I'm starting to tire of this whole gun control debate. KLOWNUS: I'm starting to worry about the gun control debate. I've grown fond of my biceps. BEARD: ... Read More »

Toddlers Are Like Sharks

“Show it, don’t tell” is a good rule of writing. The basic idea, for those who don’t know, is that instead of telling me a character is grumpy, you should instead show me through their actions. In other words, don’t give me pages of exposition from the narrator, but show me through the plot development. That rule is even more ... Read More »

Of Instagram and Guns

I’d love to try to write an explanation here on why we find this funny, but since it involves guns, I can pretty much rest assured that it will infuriate those on both sides of the gun control issue for ridiculous reasons. So, that’s pretty much what’s funny about it. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I've decided to take up Instagram. BEARD: Ugh, ... Read More »

College Gamification

Gamification seems like a cool concept, and honestly one I don’t know enough about to talk about it here. Still, I’m sure colleges will manage to take the wrong message out of it. So what are your suggestions for bad college achievements? Post them in the comments below. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We've found that students relate better to class when it's ... Read More »