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Why for 30 days I’ll be thanking instead of thankful

A few years ago I started noticing the 30 Days of Thankful posts popping up in my Facebook feed. They usually started similarly with people expressing gratitude for their family and friends. People then progressed to their jobs, cars, homes, vacations, and, sometimes, even cellphones. You can probably note the diminishing trend that led to month’s end postings about how ... Read More »

The eight people you meet in Facebook Hell

You know these people. You may be one or several of these people. The saying goes that, “Hell is other people.” Well, nowhere has more people than Facebook. The Baby Shamers These people love to post pictures of their children with food smeared all over their faces. These people find this “cute.” These people are wrong. The inability to feed ... Read More »

The Secret to Facebook

I’ll never understand how Alf faded away as a cultural icon. Why isn’t he seeing a resurgence of popularity like the Muppets? Sure, he isn’t nearly as funny, but…oh, well, never mind. Got it. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: I've been posting pictures of you to Facebook, but nobody ever likes them. I thought the Internet loved cats! MITTENS: Try taking a picture ... Read More »

Power of Persuasion

I really hope this strip spurs a flurry of gun control related posts on Facebook. That way everyone can finally be reminded of just how wrong they are, no matter which side they’re on. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Whew, thank God! VICTORIA: What? MEGAN: Someone finally posted enough times on Facebook to change my view on gun control! MEGAN: One fewer and ... Read More »

Facebook Stalkers

Facebook is already creepy enough. Introduce anything related to dating or sex and the creepiness factor is multiplied. Introduce death and, well, you have this strip. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Ugh, this creep keeps asking me out on Facebook! MITTENS: Allow me. AMANDA: I'm dead. It was tragic and fairly grisly. Sorry if I don't return your text. AMANDA: Did you get ... Read More »

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Facebook is regularly flooded with self-affirmation posts, which are then flooded with likes and pats on the back of the affirmer. It’s like one giant self-help group, but everyone you’ve ever known is part of it. That’s just creepy. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: What are you putting on Facebook? MEGAN: I've had a rough week, so I was trying to post something ... Read More »

Sharing Is Not Caring

It seems like every couple of months there’s an overhaul to a major Facebook feature and people freak out in response. I’m not entirely sure why people pretend to care about how they receive their status updates, when in truth Facebook is just there to feed into their narcissistic worldview. I suppose anything that inhibits that is frustrating. Now, if ... Read More »

The Power of Vague

Vague Facebook status updates just about ruin it for me. Even worse, some people I really like are the worst offenders. Look, if it’s too personal to post about in any detail, then it’s probably too personal to post about even vaguely. Not everything has to be shared. Except crabs. You should probably let others know you’re afflicted. For safety ... Read More »