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Valentine’s Day Date Search

Sometimes people will dismiss someone as completely undateable. I figure nobody is undateable. There’s just a quality about them that needs to be adjusted. For example, maybe they need to put on a little weight. Or lose a little. Maybe they need to get rich. Or die trying. Maybe they need to be better looking. That usually helps. ↓ TranscriptCLERK: ... Read More »

Legitimate Teaching

There’s something quite fun about people who invent new ways the human body works simply to justify their political views. These people aren’t hiding their craziness. It’s just right out there on display for the rest of us. All things considered, it’s a might bit considerate of them. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: It seems to me, from what I understand from non-educators, ... Read More »

Current Events Icebreaker

There are academic subjects that, no matter how hard you try, simply result in snickering. It is best to be bold or go home in such situations. Recent events would be included in that list. Heh, Pussy Riot is funny to say. ↓ TranscriptFEMALE: Alright Freshmen Orientation Leaders, one activity you might try to get your students talking is to ... Read More »

The Tyranny of Operating Systems

College campuses are full of smug offs. Remember kids, nobody wins in a smug off. Even the “winner” just ends up looking smug. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I installed Linux on your computer while you were out. You can thank me later. FEMALE: Why would I thank you? KLOWNUS: Because you no longer know the tyranny of an operating system that isn't ... Read More »


Prewriting is an odd task to teach. Obviously everyone does it when writing, but everybody goes about it in different ways. Still, being highly structured can be a great help for many writers for whom creativity comes in drips instead of gushes. But honestly, this comic is mostly about mocking Kanye some more. ↓ TranscriptFEMALE: The first step of writing ... Read More »

Cruising for Women

This is a pretty lowbrow joke. I do wonder sometimes if certain people in the media not only induce fear for ratings, but also because they perversely feed off of it in some manner, like a banshee. ↓ TranscriptTEX: Hey lady, did you hear the snow is coming? FEMALE: Yes I did, Tex Hale. I'm headed to the store to ... Read More »

Halloween Memories

We always assume our memories of a holiday mesh with those of others. It’s what makes the scene in Gremlins so powerful when she explains why she hates Christmas. It doesn’t jive with most of our feelings. It’s what makes it real, and also heartbreaking. I always wondered how diabetic kids felt around this time of year. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Professor, ... Read More »

I Have A Dream

One of the fun things about doing a comic strip is getting to have people butcher quotes. I’m not sure why we do it so often, except it makes us laugh in real life, too. Plus, the strip serves as a mini history lesson. Sort of. ↓ TranscriptSPECK: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up ... Read More »


This is a country music styled joke. A lot of country songs are built around a repeating chorus that in the last verse changes its meaning. This joke works the same way. It’s the Conway Twitty of comic strips. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: This student says you show favoritism toward female students in class. FEMALE: Yes, I prefer good students. CZAR: And ... Read More »

Copy Control

Every educational institution is always complaining about the copy budget. I suspect one day this is what it will come to, if it hasn’t yet somewhere. Dr. Klownus is looking awful dainty. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Our copy budget is out of control. BEARD: We have to make copies to teach. BEARD: Faculty will not stop making copies. CZAR: Really? Even if ... Read More »