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Missed My Final

This was a nightmare of mine throughout college. I don’t think it actually ever happened, but I suppose maybe there was some class I completely forgot about to this day. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Whew! I thought I had overslept my finals, but when I went to class no one was there. It must only be Sunday. BILLY: It's June. Read More »

Finals Monster

You’d think there was a monster keeping some students from turning in final papers on time. I’ve never personally had this excuse used on me, but I’m fairly certain a few have mulled over its use. On the flip side, I recall finals being overwhelmingly frightening as a freshman, and increasingly becoming less threatening as I went along. How about ... Read More »

Secrets of your final exams

It’s the time of year when students overdose on Ritalin in a mad dash to cram in everything they didn’t bother to learn in the prior four months. I remember this time well (minus the Ritalin, just say no kids). Now, as a professor, I see it from a different perspective. So here’s some helpful advice that might put your ... Read More »