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Alien Fireworks

I’d like to think that if aliens did decide to invade that they’d first study us and learn about our culture. Then if they did invade us on the fourth of July, it would be for ironic purposes of enslaving us on our Independence Day. Of course, the timing wouldn’t be so much fun for the rest of the world. ... Read More »

Smoke Bombs

It’s interesting the wide array of fireworks people will buy simply because they’re being sold at a fireworks stand. No one really likes the snakes when they go off. They’re always disappointing. But as long as they have a spot there, I suppose people will keep on buying them. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Smoke bombs are my favorite fireworks! JIMMY: Really? But ... Read More »


There’s probably a good chance many religions were started over coffee while discussing pastries. If you’re slightly concerned, just ask yourself how often your religion involves eating frosting? ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: Come to find out, Congress had other illegals to deal with first. BEARD: It took aliens to free you two? KLOWNUS: The best part was they admitted they were the ... Read More »

Illegals of a Different Sort

I like the word alien and its many connotations in modern use. Illegal aliens, little green men aliens, alien object present in the body…okay, that last one was a little weird. But trust me, if you’ve ever watched Bones or CSI you’ve heard that phrase. ↓ TranscriptSENATOR HORSE: So you admit to dealings with illegals? KLOWNUS: We admit nothing!! This ... Read More »

Congressional Hearing

Senator Horse is the senator from the great state of Kentucky. Just in case you were wondering. In other news, no this strip is not advocating violence of any kind. ↓ TranscriptSENATOR HORSE: You've been brought before this congressional hearing to testify to your dealings with illegals. Is it true that you would stuff as many as possible into the ... Read More »


In case you’re wondering, USCIS stands for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I’m sure you didn’t know this, just as I didn’t. I still thought the department was called INS. If someone burst in and shouted this at me I would be clueless what I was being busted for. ↓ TranscriptUSCIS 1: Put down the illegal fireworks! This is a ... Read More »


Here’s an interesting dilema: who do you root for in this strip? The old lady is obviously nuts, but Dr. Klownus and Mr. Mittens are obviously jerks, and also evil if you read this comic on a regular basis. This might make a good argument for strategic nuclear strikes. ↓ TranscriptPROTESTOR: You're ruining the 4th of July with these illegals! ... Read More »

Illegal Fireworks

The pursuit of illegal fireworks has always amused me. Nearly every state has fireworks stores right on the border with another state. The idea being that one state allows sales of fireworks that the other doesn’t. But how can this be? Shouldn’t there be one state that doesn’t care if your kid blows his arm off, but all the others ... Read More »