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Lead A Horse to Dinner

Food on college campuses has vastly improved even since I was in school. Even so, I still would take most outside restaurants over it. I’m not entirely sure what that says about what I ate in college. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Hey Lunch Lady, I did the math and I'm spending more per meal on my meal plan than I would at ... Read More »

Enjoy Your Pizza

There’s always an inclination to return whatever kind words someone says to you. It’s like a game of friendly hot potato. This is especially awkward when dealing with the service industry. Enjoy your dinner? You too! Thanks for coming? You too. I got your septic tank unclogged? You too! ↓ TranscriptJIMMY: When the delivery guy said to enjoy our pizza, ... Read More »

Chicken Tonight

This is very much the type of dilemma I have while in the grocery store. Even when I try to do right and eat healthy, I still find myself at a loss with food packaging. I suppose that is the point. This is one of those strips that sinks or swims based on the cadence at which the reader says ... Read More »

PB and J

My wife cannot understand why I find this action to be a mortal sin.  Sure, that might sound like I’m overdoing the situation, but I assure you I am not.  For people who don’t like jelly, the mixing of the two is about as atrocious as watching Michael Bay do a Casablanca remake. Poor Trey, I feel for him. ↓ ... Read More »

Where is my food pellet?

I’m going to be blunt here–I need my food pellet. My cats never beat around the bush when it comes to food, and why should I? I need my dehydrated, condensed, food-product-pill supplement and I need it now! Surely science fiction hasn’t misled me, again? Watch a few films about the future and you’ll notice the disturbing trend that all ... Read More »

Pizza Pizza

So, here’s an interesting conundrum.  Is this joke funny, or is it just mean?  There’s certainly a delicate balance to be walked there, but we don’t think it goes too far.  Regardless, the impetus for this joke stems from David’s days as a pizza delivery guy.  In fact, there’s probably a whole spin-off comic strip just waiting to be given ... Read More »