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Keeping Up Appearances

One does begin to wonder this when you realize that very few people actually dress how they like, but instead how they think someone else expects them to (see work). Yes, the bank may force you to wear a tie, but who does the bank believe is deciding their banking choices based on ties? They must fear this. They must ... Read More »

The Patriots

I feel bad for people who just aren’t that much into football and get asked about it constantly the next day. THe Super Bowl is cool and all, but not everybody really cares. That being said, it was a pretty amazing game. Did you see it? ↓ TranscriptPATRIOT: My fellow patriots, today we fight not just for our pride, but ... Read More »

Stand Up and Cheer

There’s a great deal of social pressure to follow any crowd. If everyone else stands to cheer, then you feel the pressure to do the same. This is why every performance, literally any performance, now ends in a standing ovation. All it takes is one person rising and everyone around them feels uncomfortable until they join in. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Something ... Read More »

Cinematic Solutions

I’m always amused at a meeting how many ideas sound suspiciously like plot lines from the past week in television. The people who write TV tend to be quite clever, so this isn’t always a bad thing. However, there are some shows you shouldn’t look to for inspiration. Law & Order and Breaking Bad are two such examples. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: ... Read More »

Budget Correlation

If there’s one line of logic that never makes sense to me in education reform, it’s the idea from some people that the best way to improve schools is to reduce their funding. I get the idea of doing more with less, but that only works up to a point. At some point a chemistry class needs Bunsen burners, like ... Read More »