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How to Fix a Dip in Ratings

I know it’s a well known trope by this point, but I find great enjoyment in finding the moment the producers of a show gave up. It’s usually the point where they replace a major character, or try introducing a new major character. Some shows, like Married with Children, try this and almost instantly give up realizing what a bad ... Read More »

Women Versus Nude News

There’s always something funny to me when people completely miss the point of a complaint. I think most of the time them “missing” the complaint is simply a cover story, but regardless, I find humor in the situation. No, we’re not saying that the concerns of women should be mocked. Wee’re making fun of Mr. Mittens and those not quite ... Read More »

Convenient Timing

It’s hard to believe that Osama bin Laden is actually dead. I’m sure there will be conspiracy theories to come out of all this (there’s already plenty about 9/11), but even not doubting the official story, this day is hard to imagine. Not because it’s such a relief, but because I had long ago reserved myself to the idea it ... Read More »

Gaming Nude News Now Network

This whole series of strips has been gestating for a bit. The original concept there, but the storyline was a bit harder to figure out so that could involved multiple main characters. Do I think people would actually watch G4N? Yes, yes I do. I fully expect to see it launched online any day now. ↓ TranscriptANCHOR: Welcome to the ... Read More »