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Rapture Questions and Activities

Rapture predictions do bring up a lot of questions. Such simples ones as–why? Why predict something that everyone will know you are wrong about almost immediately? What’s the point? Either you truly believe it, or else what’s the end game? Hoping a lot of people will repent last minute “just in case”? Does “just in case” even count in God’s ... Read More »

Rapture Coming

People are getting lots of laughs out of this California group predicting the Rapture for Saturday. Still, one has to wonder what the collective reaction would be if they proved right? What if Saturday a portion of the population up and disappeared? That wouldn’t be good for the already troubled housing market. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Hey Jabez, did you hear some ... Read More »

Believe you me or cry trying

Belief is a powerful thing, though slightly less powerful than a mid-ocean oil pipe, apparently. Belief has driven humans out of the cave, across the sea, and into theaters showing Nicholas Cage films. But while you may be powerfully motivated by your own beliefs, you also happen to be powerfully motivated against those of others. Why? Here’s a little thought ... Read More »


This is the type of strip that makes people mad because we’re being too literal with a definition. It isn’t actually mocking Jesus or anything, but people will take it that way. Preemptively, no, we are not making fun of Jesus. We are, however, making fun of Kevin Sorbo. ↓ TranscriptJABEZ: Jesus was both man and God. BILLY: So, like ... Read More »

Hiding the Truth from ourselves

“If life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy,” asks Singer Chris Rice in his song “Big Enough.” If we don’t know initially, we’re soon let in that the object of his question is God himself. Rice makes this clear in the chorus when he sings, “God if You’re there I wish You’d show me / And God if ... Read More »

The Internet is weird

The Internet is weird. There, I said it. We were all thinking it. Yes, even you Uncle Carlos. You know who doesn’t think the Internet is weird? Twelve-year-old boys. And nerds. And especially nerdy twelve-year-old boys. For them the Internet is a wonderful, endless I.V. drip straight to their collective Id. For the rest of us, though? Yeah, completely Batman’s ... Read More »

Catatonic church

I’m sitting here watching my cats fight one another. Not actually fight, like in a manner that would make Michael Vick blush with pride, but sissy slap at one another. Since both cats arrived declawed from the pound, this equals good, clean, safe fun for all involved. Except maybe the cats. Having pets makes you realize that Pokemon games are ... Read More »

The God of hats

I think God probably wears a hat. This may sound odd at first, but hear me out. Don’t all great people through history wear hats? Abraham Lincoln? John Wayne? The Pope? Indiana Jones? All were hat wearers, and I think it’s pretty silly to assume God would associate with the non-hat-wearing crowd over these fellows. Read More »